Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturday's To Do List:

Mom's at work today so it's just the boys and I. Much as we'd all love to sit around playing Wii in our underwear, we should probably get some shit done. Today's list of shit to do:

1.Get boys dressed, teeth brushed, fed. (not necessarily in that order) -10:06am done!
2. Remember all of the above for myself. - 10:06am done!
3. Best Buy for a new Wii game and possibly a new cordless phone. -1:27pm got the phone, no luck on the game
4. Home Depot for a little window (?) shopping.
5. Gardening. Need to expand the flower beds up front and nobody else seems to be doing it. Less grass=less grass to cut.
6. Laundry, as always.
7. Find snow shovel to clean all the toys out of the living room.
8. Remove the last of the wall paper from the bathroom so we (I) can finally get around to painting it.
9. Water indoor plants. Apparently they need that. -10:06am done!

... there's no real end to this list...

Ok, 9:12am and both boys are now in their rooms for some "quiet" time. Guess the first step in this list would be getting off my ass.

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