Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Coffee Talk

I make myself two cups of coffee in the morning. It used to be just one, but I've been trying to spend less money and buying coffee 20 days of the month adds up. Also, since I do enjoy the double double and all that delicious cream... Hmm. I went to the Tim Horton's website to find a picture of a cup of coffee that I could post in here and then noticed they have nutritional information. Turns out the have a calculator where you can pick not only specific menu items, but can alter it to the way you eat them. I just wanted to know about my coffee, an extra large double double (and if you live outside of Canada or in most of the United States not lucky enough to have Tim Horton's, that means two cream, two sugar) and how fat it's making me. So, my daily dose gives me 280 calories, 14g of fat (9 saturated and 0.6 trans...what's the other 4.4?), 60mg of cholesterol & 60mg of sodium.

Not sure how good/bad that is but judging by my muffin top, I'm thinking not great. Five cups a week is 1400 calories. Times four weeks in a month... 5600 calories. Fuck. On the bright side, one cup is providing 12% of both my Vitamin A and Calcium needs.... ya.

Funny, when I sat down to write this, all I was going to say was that I forgot to put a second cup of water in the coffee machine last night so it's really strong this morning.

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