Saturday, January 19, 2008

Random Saturday Thoughts

So I had my first bike ride of 2008. Madre de dios! Doesn't take long for your muscles to atrophy into jello. Whatever, I did it. Now I'm sitting in front of my computer eating Smarties. Don't judge. It's a little box.

Went onto iTunes this morning and downloaded the new applications for my iPod. Remember the tri-corders from Star Trek? That's what my iPod is now, and it plays music. I'm an Apple whore and feel no shame. If you don't know what I'm talking about then your life is small and sad. But I still love you.

I decided early on in Connor's life that the world is divided into two groups. Good people who look at my children and smile and people who will burn forever in the lowest pits of hell cause they don't. I've added a subsection in hell for service industry workers who don't respond to my children when they say "hi" or "thank you" or "please." My money is paying your fucking wages, sunshine, if my little angel says something to you RESPOND! What do you say, Optimus?


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