Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Xmas Highs And Lows

Why is it you can never take a decent Christmas Day picture? Or I can't anyway. And it's not from lack of trying as you can tell from the picture below and the boys reaction. Oh well.

Highs: the boys got a Wii and a boat load of other cool toys, Mommy got a $100 gift certificate to her new favouritest store and Daddy got a 8 gig iPod touch.

Lows: everybody is sick, the Wii games we have for the kids are too complicated for them and the operating system on our 4-5 year old iMac is too old to support my shiny new iPod.

Whatever. Mommy and Daddy are enjoying the Wii a great deal. Mommy TKO'd Daddy in boxing and kicked his ass at bowling. She can't touch me at golf though. Tomorrow I'll go out and rent a few easier games for the boys. They have so many new toys they don't know what to do with themselves so no biggie.

Now me and Mio (Connor's favourite so far) are going to go sit in front of the fire and drink a lot of wine.

Merry Christmas

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