Thursday, December 13, 2007


I was planning an end-of-my-tattoo blog here, but it's not done yet. Thought the last one would be it but after 5 hours of fun there's still quite a bit to do. After the last session in October it looked like this:

Now the dragon's underbelly is red, the claws are... well, right now they're pinkish, and there's some shading around the outside. Still need to finish its (haven't decided if it's a he or a she) head, claws, some fur and the flames. Almost.

No pictures for a few days since right now it's pretty disgusting. Not the lovely post-session tattoo you see on Miami/LA/London Ink, but real life blood, scabs, bruising and pink skin. Not that anybody wants to see that in TV land, but a little more realism in those shows would be nice.

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