Thursday, December 20, 2007

North American Cars/North American People

Is it just me or are American cars being designed for much smaller people than they should be? I have a 2005 Dodge Caravan (I know, you're jealous) and I will probably be killed in a minor accident because my head hits the top of the door frame/roof every time I go over a speed bump. I'm 6'2. Taller than average for a North American male, but by no means tall. The only seat configuration I can come up with to keep my head out of danger leaves me barely able to hold on to the steering wheel. I thought it was just something special to do with my van until I had to get a rental car last night. Brand new Grand Prix. And what do you know, my head hits the exact same place. And just like the van, if I'm at a stop light I have to lean forward to see the traffic light because it disappear above the low ceiling. WTF? Are smurfs designing cars now? My two previous cars, a Subaru and a Honda, were fine. Never had that problem. Lots of head room and no fear of death or paralysis. Japanese cars. Maybe that's why I've never owned a North American car and never will again.

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