Saturday, November 3, 2007

Saturday Afternoon, part five: Out to Lunch

So full of energy, life, vigour and only half the day gone! I got home from my ride to discover Bern sitting on the floor of our room glassy-eyed and drooling. I recognized the destructive work of my child-demons. I offered to take them out of the house for awhile so she could detox but she decided taking them out for lunch at the White Spot would be a good idea. Less work for us and we could let them burn off some energy in the kids' area at the mall. So lunch went like this:

GO TO YOUR ROOM NOW! from Zoo Keeper on Vimeo.

I left the restaurant with chicken quesedilla in my stomach, a headache, and a little less of my soul. Then came the play area. Large groups of children are much like dogs or cats that have been left to the wild. They turn feral and dangerous. Turn your back for a second or show a hint of weakness and they're on you like jackals fighting for the tender bits.

Almost bath time and then bed for the kids. I don't think we have anything to drink in the house but I'm sure Bern has some cooking wine somewhere.

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